DateLink Reading Assignments
Tue (9/1)Lecture 1Intro, Building Software
Thu (9/3)Lecture 2Automated Building, MyBooksApp, Git & Github, Agile Methodology
Tue (9/8)Lecture 3Object-orientation, Software Design
Tue (9/15)Lecture 4Basic Data Persistence, Persistence with Databases
Thu (9/17)Lecture 5Persistence with Databases
Tue (9/22)Lecture 6RESTful API
Tue (9/29)Lecture 7MVC, Cookies
Tue (10/6)Lecture 8Front-end Development
Tue (10/13)Lecture 9Deployment, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration
Tue (10/27)Lecture 10Security
Tue (11/3)Lecture 11Design Principles
Tue (11/10)Lecture 12Design Patterns