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EN.601.421: Object-Oriented Software Engineering (OOSE)

Course Description: This course covers object-oriented software construction methodologies and their application. A major component of the course is a large team project on a topic of your choosing. Course topics covered include object-oriented analysis and design, UML, design principles, refactoring, program testing, code repositories, team programming, and code reviews.

Github is used for a variety of activities in this course, including project management, team collaboration management, source code management, version control, making documentations using Github's markdown, sharing feedback on team project work iterations, etc.
Piazza is the communication channel. If you have any questions or concerns, make a post on Piazza. You can do either public or private posts (annonymously if you want!). If others could potentially benefit from your question, consider making it public. Never send your homework solution code in a public post.
Gradescope is used for homework submission and handling. You will make all your homework submissions on Gradescope and will recieve feedback and your work in there. Regade requests can be made and are processed on Gradescope as well. Join using entry code 9437XE.