Iteration 2



The overall goal in this iteration is to get a bit more done compared to the last iteration; you need to pick up pace and build momentum.

These are the deadlines for this iteration.

Retrospective for iteration 1Tue OCT 13th11:00 PM
Updated Software Requirement SpecificationThu OCT 15th11:00 PM
Updated Class DiagramThu OCT 15th11:00 PM
Deliverable (source code of a working app)Tue OCT 20th11:00 PM
Individual Contribution ReportWed OCT 21th11:00 PM

Retrospective for iteration 1

You must write a Retrospective for iteration 1. The retrospective is an opportunity for your team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvements to be enacted during the next iteration. Review what you had done in iteration 1; note things that you have and have not delivered, note the challenges you had, and reflect on how you shall proceed in the next iteration to do a better job. There is not specific format to the retrospective document and no minumin and/or requirements on its length, format etc. It is just meant to reflect on iteration 1 and use it to improve your next iterations. Write this in a file named and upload it under docs folder in your group repo.

Update Requirement Specification

After iteration 1, you may want to update the SRS. This is a common practice; after each iteration you will go back and refine the User Stories. If you are going to make a critical change (that affects the scope of your work), please make sure the instructor as well as your advisor are aware of it.


You only need to update the SRS if you want to make any changes to the specification of your proposed software project. That is, you can leave it as is, if you are happy with it and there has not been any change of plans since last iteration!

Update Class Diagram

If there has been been any changes to your desgin since last iteration, make sure to update your class diagram to reflect the latest design of your software. Upload a new class diagram picture to the docs folder. Make sure to include it2 in the file name(s) e.g. it2_class_diagram1.png


Remember that your class diagram must be kept updated at all times. (i.e. iterations)

Project Planning: Giuthub Project Board

Similar to what you did in iteration 1, create three columns "It2-To Do" with preset To do, "It2-In Progress" with preset In Progress, and "It2-Done" with preset Done. You will need to keep the colmuns updated as you develop your app further. List all your to do tasks extracted from the user stories you plan to finish for iteration 2 under the "It2-To Do" column. When you start working on a task, move it under the "It2-In Progress" column, and when it is completed list it under the "It2-Done" column.


Ideally, you do not have any unfinished tasks from iteration 1. But, if there are unfinihsed tasks from iteration 1, move them over to the it2 columns and aim to get them done in iteration 2.


In this iteration, it is expected that you will pick up more speed and accomplish more compared to the last iteration!

Final Deliverable

At the end of iteration 2, you must deliver a software that does what you have listed in the project backlog for iteration 2.

You must always keep your group repository updated with the latest changes; we will consider your last commit by Tue, OCT 20th, 11:00 PM as your submission.


By the end of iteration 2, you must make sure you have a runnable software; that is we must be able to run your app, test its new features and verify your progress compared to iteration 1.


Do not forget to update you project's based on your progress/updates in iteration 2.

Individual Contribution Report

Starting with this iteration and moving forward, each member in the team must write a short individual report. This must be done individually, hence the name individual report!; you may not work on this together. This does not have to be long and there are no hard requirements on the format, length, content etc. of this document. However, you should use this to 1) reflect on your own individual performance in iteration 2, and 2) mention the names of any particular member(s) who you think excelled in the last iteration.


This should not be the case hopefully, but if you have major concerns about performance of any other member(s) i.e. someone who is not putting in the necessary effort/time, is not committed to the team's mission etc., make a mention of it in your individual report. We will check these individual reports and we will take necessary actions if needed. Submit your individual report to your personal repo in the jhu-oose organization in a file named

submit individual report to your private repo

We have provisioned you a personal repo at the begining of the semester and you must still have access to it (i.e. the repo you used to submit HW1). This is different from your project/team repo that you use to submit your homeworks and other iteration deliverables. Submit the individual report to your private repo, not the team repo!